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Secondary Education


Students To Close School for Third Term In The Same Day as Colleges

It is a major coincidence in the school calendar that the secondary school, primary and the middle level colleges such as Teacher training and medical colleges close in the same day. This will be a serious problem especially for the transport sector and which has been streched due to regulations on the number of passengers to carry per trip.

In the past a peak moment for the PSvs has had negative impacts with scenarios such as bad accidents happening. The rush at this moment is real and the government should be called to intervene as this time the number of people crisscrossing the country will increase. Parents should prepare early to arrange for their children to get home in time.

The coincidence in closing date could not be avoided as the ministry worked hard to control time wastage as well as coverage of the time used during the corona pandemic when schools went shut for a long time.

There is no long holiday in the coming academic year and learner's, teachers and parents should work towards ensuring that proper communication is done prior to pupils leaving school to home. Some schools have deviced a way to keep students in School especially those who come from long places. This will save parents the trouble that comes with fare hikes and other challenges.

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