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Why Is Money So Important Than Education (OPINION)

When we go to school we all hope to be employed. We hear of high academic qualifications and work experience, this is what most employers want from their employees. 

Most of the professors in many universities usually focus on theory and the rest is upon you. The only way to get practical skills is to have a part time job where you can apply similar skills. But sometimes while learning you might be lucky to get good teachers who can help get a job you want to get later.

We are mostly afraid of the increased unemployment issues especially I the African continent. This could discourage someone who have put more effort to earn a living and support the family. Again we are encouraged not to chase after the money since the salary is always small.

Education is usually important as it helps to analyze information properly. If a person owns a business the management skill will be applicable compared with the uneducated people. This will help in the achievement of goals.

The money may also be important compared to education. You need money to eat, travel, live among others which means you can live without education but with money. In the current situations there a lot of jobs that one can be employed without academic qualifications but experience matters. 

You don’t need high academic qualifications to be to be recognized. We all read the story of Bill Gates . he did something different from others hence he is well known. Creative skills matters a lot , becoming an active person even if you are out of the school, and knowing what you want.

You must know how to achieve your goals and put more efforts in order to make your dreams come true. Between money and education , which is most important?. 

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