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What to Expect as CS Magoha is Set To Release KCPE Examination

Have you been examined at any stage of your lifeand your are eager to know your fate? An examination in any stage of our life has been a great hurdle since it bridges the two sides. It separates two distinctive sides, the greener pastures from the bare forelands. Today is another beautiful day for all who have it only to thank the Almighty for the far he has made us to this point.

Our children who sat for the exam last three weeks have been waiting this particular day with mixed emotions. With others astounded on whether they would pass or fail. Having been an examination period that was marred by drought devastation and insecurities, most of the students will be hoping that the government must be considerate since their academic journey has never been a rossy one.

The government should be lenient to all students. Many did the examination in anxiety while the likes of Jepchumba, a determined damsel who sat the examination in bad condition. Her classmates used to carry her to and from the classroom due to her legs problem.She has never walk in her life. A few days ago, St Luke's Hospital came in hand and resort to help her with a prosthetic leg. Now she can walk well and she had to share her exuberance to the public. Nonetheless, the Examination had little cases of cheating and probably all students should be happy that their examination results will not be dismissed.

Many students will pass with flying colours. Parents should start preparing for their children's fee earlier because goodies are in the offing. With about a month for them to join , to the paradigm shift will be fastened since the academic year seems to be the shortest one ever courtesy of Covid-19 aftermath strategies. What again should we expect in the anticipated examination results? Like and comment.

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