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Neither Primary Schools, High Schools Nor Higher Learning Institutions Should Be Opened [OPINION]

Most of learners have shown a very negative reaction on the closure of schools without any information about their reopening and also wondering when will this come to an end.

While some of the students being forced to vacate their various residents within the school, many have blamed the decision that was made by the head of the republic. Despite such complains from students, my opinion still favours the decision that the president made. Life is very important and there is no way government should have allowed physical learning with the current rate of infection.

It is actaully my view that schools should remain closed and the process of vaccination should be accelerated so that every kenyan citizen receives the vaccine so that the graph is controlled. The country is under pressure with this third phase whereby more 1000 individuals are infected just in a day.

The reopening of schools and other areas should depend on the progress of infection and the successful application of the vaccine. The lives of students be it in primary, high school nor any tertiary institution should not be risked in any way. Corona is real and kills without discrimination. Kenyan should give the government humble time to ensure the Covid-19 is out of the country.

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Corona Kenyan


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