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The Easiest Trick Of Passing Chemistry, Biology And Physics Exams In High Schools.

Since time immemorial, three subjects in Kenyan high schools have been known to give many students sleepless nights and makes their stay at high schools uncomfortable, these subjects are physics, biology and chemistry. In this article we are going to see how to tackle these subjects.

For a long time now it has been known that many girls students feared these three subjects compared to boys, because they don’t like doing hard things, however according to the research these subjects are now simpler as any other subjects.

If you want to pass in these three subjects, the solution is very simple. Concentrate on the practical parts of these subjects more than the theories. This is because in practical, there are no specific marking scheme actually your practical work is the marking scheme which the examiners will always use.

This is because in practical all the results cannot be same the vary depending on how to did it, so practical part of these subjects will make you pass highly if you get good scores on them. Three practical are always being added directly to your theory papers, that is after the examiner has calculated your average score in paper and paper two of these three science papers. 

Always know that that practical papers are always marked under thirty marks, these marks are so many so if you can practice more on practical lessons, you can benefit maximally. Any student who has scored twenty eight point out of thirty points in a practical lessons can never fail in these subjects, even if that students has gotten very low marks on theory lessons.

He or she cannot get below grade B minus. So If you are a student and you want to score highly in these three subjects concentrate more on practical parts instead of theory parts because practicals are very easy and are added directly to the average score of two papers of theories of each of these three subjects.

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