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Return of The Cane as Matiangi and Magoha Push For The Return of Corporal Punishment in Schools

In light of the recent school unrests witnessed among students all over the country Magoha and Matiang'i are now push for the reintroduction of caning in schools. The two claim that the many school fires being witnessed in schools is due to indiscipline among learners.

This push for the return of corporal punishment is coming at a time when several students are already in police custody afteribeing connected to the torching of property worth millions of shillings in their respective schools.

In the last few weeks school fires have been on a sharp rise, with the worrying trend now leading Cabinet secretaries George Magoha and Fred Matiang'i to call for re-introduction of radical disciplinary measures including caning of students.

"We need to introduce caning back in schools like yesterday…do not expect our teachers to do the impossible," said Prof. Magoha.

"We must discipline our children and we must insist on some things we cannot create a society of animals sasa kazi yetu ni kujenga mashule kazi yao iwe kuchoma its tough love our children must understand one thing that it takes sacrifice from parents to get these things," said Dr. Matiang'i.

The CSs say the ban on corporal punishment denied teachers a proven method of dealing with indiscipline in schools

"I am not a subscriber of those things of human rights of the child, kwa sababu Bibilia inasema spare the rod and spoil the child mimi nataka tuanze kuzungumza how we will discipline our children," added Matiang'i.

Key among the proposals made by CS Magoha to address the widespread unrest in schools is doing away with boarding schools and allowing learners to study as day-scholars

Maranda High School is the latest to be closed again after a dormitory complex was torched down Sunday. The incident comes barely a week after Form Four students were sent home indefinitely due to allegations that they threatened to burn down the institution

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