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KNEC Releases Details of The 20% Marks For Grade 4 That Will be Used in Grading Them in Year 6

The changes in the education system are still complicated to many parents and even the teachers.The parents have been use to a situation where the teachers mark the exams and record the results in the learners' report cards.Since the changes came in place,the parents cannot yet understand the rubric scores and the scoresheets which the teachers use to grade the learners.On the other side,the teachers have also been finding the CBC a little bit tricky.In all the subjects in grade four,the teachers are required to Google some pictures and show the learners in class during the lessons.However,there have been technological challenges where some of the teachers may be not digitally literate or may not have the smartphones.Apart from that,the learners digital devices in schools are not functioning in many schools.

The CBC trainings have become so important for the teachers across the nation.This has seen many of the teachers get the basic skills on how to teach some lessons.Besides that,the current lesson plans and Schemes of Work are complicated and tedious for the teachers.They have been trained on how to prepare these documents for effective teachings of the CBC lessons.

In the new curriculum,the learners are expected to do 15 exams upto senior secondary schools.The Kenya National Examination Council has been assessing the learners progressively.Even right now,the assessment projects for grade three learners are going on.When the current grade four learners were in grade three,they were assessed by KNEC.They swept the market places under projects.

2023 is expected to be a year of change with the double form one transition.KNEC has now released the assessment details for grade four learners for the 20% marks that will be part of final year 6 exams.This is what will guide in placing the learners in grade seven in secondary schools.This now means that the parents should ensure that their children don't fail to do these assessment tests.

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