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2020 KCSE Candidates Should Check Emails As Admission Letters Distribution Process Is Ongoing

Admission Letters is a legal documents indicating that you secure and granted permission to join a particular learning institutions.

The components are students background information,course or faculty, essentials requirements,fees structures,medical reports and location.

Higher Learning Institutions have started this process therefore learners should make sure that the email address is valid,read and share the content with the parents.Besides It can also be downloaded through the institutions websites.

The letter is very important because it gives students opportunity familiarize with rules and regulations,gives direction,clear image,and contact help center for further clarification,courses offered ,visions and missions.

Students should not that unmatching information may lead to termination of the opportunity.In my opinion they should seek help from already enrolled students before making attempts.

I suggest the institutions should notify the students upon sending the letters because regular checking via the cyber may be costly.Kindly share and comment to any candidates you know.

NOTE: Delays may lead to missing of the opportunity

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