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'Watoto Wameharibika' A College Student Is Charged For Introducing 14 Years Old Boy To Gaysim

We are celebrating the advancement in technology and rapid development in ways of living in the contemporary society. We have modern modes of transportation, decent buildings, advanced modes of communication just to mention a few improved changes.

When it comes to Education, modernization has also found its way to teaching and learning. Contrary to the ancient modes of learning where the teacher was the sole source of knowledge and learning took place purely in school, nowadays, learning is majorly learner centered. And due to technology, learning content has found its way to the internet where it easily can be accessed through a smart phone.

With this current digital learning, a male student borrowed his father's phone to complete his assignment over the recently concluded one week holiday.

When he was done, he returned the phone to the father and reported to school for the second term. However as the father was scrolling through his phone, he came across intimate pictures and videos of men kissing. To his astonishment, he came to realize that a university male student had been sending the videos and pictures to his son.

This was a means of introducing his son to gaysim and unacceptable acts of intimacy. Angered with the act, he reported the university student to the police and his case was opened.

It is saddening to note that the high school student is a minor of 14 years and being subjected to this immoral content will adversely affect him psychologically.

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