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Here Are New Measures Given By Kenyatta To Stop The Spread Of Coronavirus

All government employees have been asked kindly to work from home as we try to curb the spread of corona virus. There are also four Counties which have been locked down in order to stop infected people from moving to countryside from Town. These movements is very dangerous as the aged are on rural areas and are most vulnerable to die out of Covid-19 virus.

All learning institutions within these counties have been banned from face to face learning until further notice. They have been advised to resume learning in online platforms especially Zoom where they have been successful before. However, all students doing KCSE exams will continue doing their exams regardless of the measures.

Places of worship also have been restricted and are advised to stick in person worship within these four counties. Public gathering and public transport have been advised to stick to the guidelines given earlier.

National curfew have been lifted from 8 pm to 4 am countrywide. If you are working late just prepare to be going home early as 7pm to avoid police brutality happening in this country.

All are advised to put their masks on whenever attending places with mass.

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