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"Employ Police In Schools Incase You Return Corporal Punishment" Knut

The students have for along time been protected by the government in schools.Many teachers have ended up losing their jobs because of instilling the corporal punishment to the learners.Just last week, the teachers in one of the schools faced the wrath of the parents when one of the children fell down from a flag post and died.The teachers in most cases have lamented that the government has been harsh on them especially TSC.

As the schools go on in the fifth week,there has been a shocking trend of schools being torched by the students.Reasons for such illegal actions by students are rather petty but sound tangible to them.Some have cried of oppressions from the schools administrators.Yesterday,some rumours circulated about students killing the Ngere Boys school captain for siding with teachers.However,the Kisumu blogger who came up with this rumour had himself arrested today.

There have been rampant brutalities by the students towards the teachers.This has got many teachers worried and completely refrain from any form of punishment for the learners.There have been calls for the return of corporal punishment.Unfortunately,teachers union Knut has objected this.Knut SG Wilson Sossion has told the government to employ the police first in schools before the introduction of corporal punishment in schools as this will give rise to physical exchange of jabs.

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