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Student By Day, Guard By Night, University Student Opens Up on Her Financial Challenges

Ms. Mary Kinuthia knows what it means by the term struggle. She has seen it all in her efforts to pursue her university education despite her poverty.

The Criminology student in Murang'a university confessed how she works as a night guard to get through money which she pay her fees. She stated how she was pushed to finding sid hustles in her second year of study.

"I came to Murang'a in 2017, I was joining first year. In 2018, due to financial constraints, that is when I began doing some (side) jobs. It was my own business. I hawked cosmetics to students in their hostels as well as outside," revealed ms. Kinuthia.

However, her humble business collapsed in 202 due to the Covid-19 pandemic which saw many businesses close down. To make ends meet, she quickly though of an alternative.

She called various security firms, where she luckily landed a chance in Murang'a Referral Hospital. Keen not to lsoe in her education goal, she opted for night shifts so that by day she can be in class.

To balance her studies and the job, she ensures that she sleeps for at least three hours between her daytime studies and before her night shift job.

At times she is even forced to carry her books to the gate where she mans, and reads whenever the job schedule is not so busy. "The challenge about this job is managing my study time and when working but I find myself studying while at the gate (during work). When it is not busy, I study...," she says.

Having been born in a family of eight, Ms. Kinuthia states how she chose part-time job to support their father who is really struggling financially.

Among her siblings, three are also in tertiary institutions, while two others are in secondary schools. She says she knows nothing about social life like other students owing to her busy schedule.

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Kinuthia Mary Kinuthia Murang'a


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