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Things Society Expects You To Do (But You Don't Have To)

Although we may consider ourselves free to do whatever we want, nobody escapes society. It's true the society has a lot of positive influence as we grow up but ones we are grown, there are some things we don't have to do as we are expected.

One has to choose their own stereotype and try to fit in. This covers through your dressing code, race and preferences which different societies tend to decide for their people. You don't have to fit in to a box that you can't.

These days, your network connectivity has higher chances of landing you a job than your degree. Although college can be helpful, the idea of you have to go to college to get successful is a total myth. If college doesn't feel right to you, then diving into the real world might be a better choice for you no matter how much the society opposes.

The need to meet the expectations of your age group is another just but a societal expectation. Most people tend to judge others by their age forgetting that there is no rule of life on where one should be, or what they should have done by a certain age.

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