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RIP: Photos of First Year University Medical Student Who Committed Suicide

Shocking news have been reported that a first year student has committed suicide. According to the source the student who was enrolled at Kisii university was pursuing clinical medicine. The student how they believe that he will make his parents proud after he will be done with his course in the university.

The sources confirmed that, this youngster I left a letter behind before he committed suicide. According to the letter the student clearly not that he decided to take that route to easy the life for himself. He says on the letter that, his parents failed to provide for him the material care that you needed which includes food for his survival while in the university.

Now it is a dim light for his parents for learning his surden death. Now we hope to his parents is shut just like that.May the soul of this first year student rest in peace.

Photos of the the victim.

Any parent with a kid can just feel as guilty as the parents to this young soul that has lost life. It pains any parent and they learn that they could have tried to help but the situation could not be controlled in time.

These cases of suicide are increasing among the youth as young men and women tend to think that this is the only way to easy their hardening lives.The peer concealing in the country needs to do something so that we minimize the incidences from happening.

Let's keep praying for our loved ones so that they overcome these temptations.

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