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Is This The Most Overated Course In Kenya?

Many students while choosing their careers do not get the facts right or probably they do not get sufficient information concerning the courses they would want to indulge in thus making misinformed selections.

There is a misconception that medical courses are marketable and are well paying. Nearly all A plain and A minus student find themselves applying for Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery. I am not against their decision. Let's get the facts right.

Civil Engineering was at one point the most lucrative course. Top performers flooded it and when Chinese contractors were imported, they started tarmacking.

Let us look at the future. The course is marketable as we speak, however, you will graduate after six years. The government is also importing Cuban doctors. Everybody else is pursuing the course. Clinical officers from KMTC have also flooded the industry. Hospitals prefer the clinical officers to degree graduates because of competency.

Most of these top students can pass exams but can never offer efficient services. The rot learning (cramming) will only make them graduate with first class honours but will end up reading prescriptions from their phones.

If the job looses market, they may not even start their own practice.

What do you think?

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