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College Education


Good news to students pursuing bachelors degree at university.

Education is a course which is largely persued by many at the university. In most universities its the largest or second largest faculty. Many learners have that dream of once becoming a teacher and passing on knowledge to the future generations. Early last month, the teachers service commission gave out sad news which hitted all over the headlines. It announced the scarabbing off the bachelors degree in education. This means that all those who wish to become teachers shall do a bachelor of arts degree followed by a one year post graduate diploma in education in order to be registered by the teachers service commission.

However students who were already persuing the course have something to smile about. These students shall get employed fast since scrabbing of the course shall help reduce the huge float in teachers employment. They have something to smile about since the KICD has not yet released the CBC curriculum and this means that they will continue to employ the elready equipped teachers and giving them training on the cbc.

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