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Differences Between Teaching Methods In University & Secondary

It is the aim of every 2021 KCSE candidate to score direct entry inorder to join universities of their choices.Therefore students should to take of the following differences between teaching methods in universities and secondary schools.

In the universities it is lecture method where lecturers only highlights key areas and it is the role of learners to conduct research and generate their own notes while in secondary schools teachers dictates notes as students copy.

The final examinations in secondary schools are over 100 percent unlike university where marks are distributed into group discussions, individual assignment and CATS.Besides universities main examination are over 70 percent.

The lessons in Campuses can either be online or physical learning since students are allowed to use their mobile phones unlike secondary schools where it is strictly physical.Besides the students also have soft copy notes.

The stipulated duration of lessons in universities are three hours while in secondary it is only forty minutes.The only similarity is that students specialised in their area of interest.

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