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See The Amount Of Money Paid As School Fees At International School of Kenya

Education is the key but it's expensive. Only the fortuners have the chance to be educated especially in third world countries.

In his song Youth Dem Cold, popular reggae artist Richie Spice asks "If education is the key, then tell me why the bigger heads make it so expensive for we?" In Kenya we there are schools that separate the haves and the have nots because they are very expensive.

Renown South African President Nelson Mandela believed that education is the most powerful tool that can change the world. Similarly, Mwai Kibaki, a former president of Kenya introduced free primary and secondary education in 2005 to express his support for education and to make it affordable to everyone.

Today 99% of children in Kenya go to school. However, in the same country there are very expensive schools that got peope talking.

International School of Kenya is the highest ranked as the most expensive high school in Kenya. Seated on 40 acres of land in Kitsuru of Nairobi, the school has admitted approximately 900 students form over 50 different countries.

The students fancy international cuisines like roasted chicken drum sticks and beef stroganoff. The students pay a school fees of between 1.6 million for kindergarten kids and 3.1 million for Grade 1 to 11 per year. Its one of the most expensive schools in Africa too.

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