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Teachers Caught Unaware by The Silent & Automatic Increase in Extra Lessons

The schools have been opened for another term of 2021 academic calendar.2021 will see the students stay in schools for a total of 30 weeks instead of the usual 39 weeks.The end result is the Government reducing the school fees for the parents by 15%.

As the schools get back to serious academic businesses,the teachers have began the one year journey to syllabus coverage.Under Normal January to November academic calendar,some schools do complete the syllabus by June.However,some national schools complete the form four syllabus in term one of form four.This depends on different motivational factors.

Teachers have found themselves in a fix in week one of the openings.Their workloads have silently and automatically increased.This was a bit hidden to most of them.When all classes are on,the teachers know how to jungle about it.However,this term is one of a kind.

Last academic year saw only grade 1-4 doing more subjects.The grade four students are doing 11 subjects as follows:


2-Kiswahili or Sign Language.


4-Science and Technology.

5-Home Science.

6-Creative Arts.





11-Social studies.

In the last academic calendar,class five had only 6 examinable subjects.Now,there are grade four and five.The grade five which was not there has now found the teachers with more lessons which were not there in class five of the last a academic year.Surprisingly,some teachers have just noted this silent increase in the staff meetings during subject sharings in the staff meetings.

As this burden begin biting,the secondary school teachers are also expecting extra learners next week.TSC now has no option but to quickly post the new teachers by September as promised in its roadmap.

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The Silent


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