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Mathematics: Excellent Tips On How To Become Mathematics Wizard

Mathematics evolved from simple counting, to calculation,then measurements and eventually to a systematic study of shapes.

Here are some top tip secrets to be a mathematics wizard.

1.Love mathematics and it will love you too. This implies eliminating bad attitude towards mathematics.

2. Attempt at least 3 unique mathematical challenges every day. Mathematics training boosts brain function and I turn makes one a great mathematician.

3. Imagine yourself explaining the problem. Mimic the teacher as this would enable you must most of the concepts.

4. Avoid postponing questions, always ask why before the teacher gets to the next level.

5. Accept your grade and work towards improving it. Nothing good comes from laziness.

6. Make personalized time table to avoid time wastage.

7. Enjoy doing mathematics, you don't have to froun. Speak to yourself doing mathematics.

8. Revise at least 5 KCSE Mathematics past questions every single day.

By so doing, you'll be shocked at how fast you can handle a paper meant to be 2½ hours within an hour

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