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Education: Parents Greatest Worry as School's First Term Comes to an End

Kenyan primary and secondary schools first term closure is scheduled for this week after a short but very busy term. Education is one of the most affected departments by COVID19 pandemic outbreak leading to confusing decisions made by the ministry of education.

Additionally, the new CBC appears to be facing more objections as most stakeholders totally differ from it. Teachers are now required to go back for a compulsory training at their own cost as stated by Nancy Macharia.

As children begin to storm roads for a journey back home, parents may not have any reasons to smile on their children arrival. Definitely, parents and guardians feel a heavier load added on their shoulders when students get back home.

The first term ran for only ten weeks. At the beginning of the term, parents paid for school fees and catered for other student requirements. Less than one month later, they had to incur a cost to and from school as students broke for midterm.

Once again, parents are required deep into their pockets to spend more on their students. They do have to first pay for student's fare money, expected to double up as culture has it.

The holiday is set to last for a period of only ten days, then parents will be required to provide transport and shopping money to their kids as they travel back for another 10 weeks second term.Additionally, guardians must pay a whole term school fees.

Isn't it a heavy burden for parents to carry? Notably, in four months, parents pay school fees twice and transport finance more than six times. Surprisingly, the term has been cut short, but school fees have not been made any reductions.

Parents have got more expenses that awaits their money but education is grabbing almost all money from them. Most of them lack jobs, are poor, have got many children looking upon them, how are they going to balance all these?

Furthermore, the new CBC is really too expensive considering the fact that, every day is a spending day due to demands made by teachers to foster learning. Definitely it is a hard time for most parents.

What is your thoughts concerning parents' situation as students go back home? How should they cater for all these school requirements? Please share, like, and drop your comment as directed below.

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