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Big Blow To All Parents in the Country as New Details About School Fee Message Emerge

The new guideline from the Ministry of Education has alerted parents and kids to some terrible news. Reliable evidence indicates that the fees parents pay to have their children admitted to national schools will go up. The government presently contributes Sh8500 per student, leaving parents to pay a total of Sh45,054 to national schools.

However, the ministry's announcement that the amount paid by the government will decrease brought unpleasant news to parents. As a result, they will have to pay a total of Sh53,544, or an additional Sh8,500.

This is also terrible news for pupils, as some may find it challenging to continue their education at public schools if their preferred parents are struggling as a result of the government's disclosure about the cost rise.

Just the mission of going back to school has a few days to start, as all primary and secondary schools will open on January 23 this year.

Now the government should make this announcement to all Kenyans concerning school fees, as the news has left Kenyans talking and has gone viral in social media. Please, what would you like to comment on as you read this message?

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