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Opinion: Benefits of The CBC Curriculum

Cbc curriculum has many advantages to the students.One of the advantage is better decision making abilities.It helps student's make their own decisions.Cbc also focuses on collaborative methods of learning.This refers to student's and other stakeholders playing part in this system.

The cbc curriculum also focuses on the importance of a learner's ability to develop skills and acknowledge and apply those competency skills to day to day challenges.The cbc also helps in community service learning.It involves learners in community services exposes them to apply knpwledge acquired in learning period.

Learners are also tought on how to do things practically and also how to apply to apply the skills in the outside world.Cbc also helps in identifying a student's strengths and weaknesses.This is very important since it will help a student overcome their weaknesses easily.

Cbc helps to build student's critically and alsp helps them in decision making.It helps student's to be more creative and have reasonable judgement.

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The CBC Curriculum


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