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Good News to Examiner Teachers as CS Education Plans a Move to Rise and Improve their Welfare

The only government organization in Kenya that oversees national exams for certification and placement reasons in primary, secondary, and college settings is KNEC. The agency relies on the outsourced services of educators employed by the Teachers Service Commission because it lacks its own workers.

Teachers have long complained about the subpar pay and unfavorable working conditions in the marking facilities.

CRE examiners threatened to quit the marking process for the recently released KCSE exam, causing KNEC to step in to stop the crisis. Ezekiel Machogu, the cabinet secretary for education, urged educators to place the needs of candidates and the nation before their own.

"The glitch that occurred at a couple of the marking centers nearly caused the marking exercise to fail, but KNEC was able to step in and stop it." "I want to implore professionals participating in national drills to prioritize the needs of the country," Machogu said.

He did, however, guarantee that the relevant organizations would look into the compensation and welfare of the examiners in an effort to improve them.

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