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Things Parents Should Take Note Of As Schools Close Next Week

Schools are closing next week to mark the end of the first term of 2021. The term started on July and will have lasted for 10 weeks.

After one week, the schools will reopen again, as scheduled on 11th of October and students will enter the second term of 2021 which will run until December.

This is the new academic calendar which was drafted and effected by the ministry of education led by CS Magoha as directed by the president.

Photo Courtesy: Prof Magoha

The change in calendar came about as a result of learning time wasted during the prolonged and unexpected covid-19 break which occured in 2020 following out break of the disease.

Many schools remained closed throughout the world and learning was greatly paralised. So as to recover the lost time, the Education ministry came up with this new calender which saw national exams being done on March 2021 and next exams to be done on next year April, 2021.

According to the calendar it means that there is only one week break on October and a ten days holiday break on December.

Something worth noting is that there are mid term breaks in each term and students do travel home for just three days and get back to school again. With the terms being really short.

Parents should thus be very careful of their spending and planning of money. This is because the government wants fees payment to be done in full, failure to which students will be send home.

Come next year, 2022 and after the national exams, there will be three terms which will run from May to November. There will be one week holiday breaks to separate the terms and each term will also have mid term breaks.

This comes as a wake up call to all parents that they need to be Quite careful on saving money for fees. Any slight miscalculation and mismanagement of money will see you struggle to pay schools fees

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