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Why Teachers Who Applied For Diploma Upgrade Training May Have Advantage in December TSC Jobs

The Government is determined to ensure that the teachers get sufficient trainings for them to effectively teach the students.The new curriculum has proved to be more burdensome to the teachers,pupils and the parents.The students have had to encounter too much work with the parents being left to pay dearly for the books and the other requirements needed in schools.The teachers on the other hand have been left to carry the huge workloads in the lessons.

The new plan by the government to re-train the teachers through the Diploma upgrade program has still caught many teachers unaware due to the financial implications that it has.The training that will take three terms will see the teachers cough Ksh 79,500 as college fees.Under normal circumstances,the teachers were fully aware that they had finished their trainings and were now just waiting for the jobs.

TSC has announced employing some 6000 interns in December this year.Some of the teachers who are seeking to be re-trained under the Diploma program will definitely be employed as interns.The teachers who applied for the trainings may have some advantage in the coming recruitment.The Government is likely to reward them just because of their willingness for the trainings in order to attract those who are still skeptical about it.They will be employed with Diploma as the minimum requirement hence,the Commission may need this application as evidence for a start.Furthermore,who knew that the intern teachers would be given 30 free marks during fresh employments?

The views above are personal opinions.The writer is an Educationist.

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