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The Burden Of Being A Campus Guard

Guarding University entrance gates is a good opportunity for any security officer as it's a good path in the profession of the individuals having the task. The most challenging situation is working with the parties (mostly students) are sometimes harsh. With observation some of the stressful moments to campus watchies are like:

1. Disrespectful students. Most students underrate those guarding the gates and they always need a right of way without any restrictions. It really hurts seeing a student disrespecting you by not even disclosing a student identity card.

2. Stripped half naked ladies. It hurts always guarding a place where most ladies wear tiny clothes and as a security guard you stand no chance having a direct conversation with them. It hurts most of your time that you are available to see as they pass along daily while at night it worsens.

3. Dealing with drunkards. Most University students are drunkards moreso during weekends. You can imagine how they storm the gate while drunk. Some can even beat up a person.

4. Strike moments. It's a norm students engaging in strikes now and then. Sometimes they move in a crowd and you can imagine when they force their way out and it finds you as a guard you haven't opened the gate for them. Respect is key in all organizations.

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