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Countries that adopted CBC and failed

It's important to note that assessing the success or failure of an educational curriculum can be complex and may depend on various factors, such as cultural context, economic conditions, and political stability. Additionally, what may be considered a failure in one aspect of a curriculum may be seen as a success in another.

That being said, here are a few examples of countries that have adopted curriculums that have faced criticism or have not achieved their intended goals:

United States: The Common Core State Standards Initiative was implemented in 2010 in an effort to provide a consistent set of standards for math and English language arts education across the country. However, the initiative has faced criticism from some parents, teachers, and politicians for being too rigid and for not taking into account the needs of individual students and schools.

Kenya: In 2017, the Kenyan government implemented a new competency-based curriculum for primary and secondary education. The curriculum was designed to be more practical and skills-based, but has faced challenges in implementation, including a lack of resources and training for teachers, and criticism from parents and educators who feel that the curriculum is too complex and difficult for students.

China: The Chinese government implemented a new curriculum in 2001 with the goal of improving the quality of education and promoting innovation and creativity. However, the curriculum has faced criticism for being too focused on rote memorization and for not encouraging critical thinking or independent learning.

It's worth noting that while these examples suggest that some curriculums have faced challenges, there may also be instances where the same curriculums have succeeded in certain aspects or achieved their intended goals to some extent.

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