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Secondary Education


Exposed: A School in Pokot North Where Students Sleep on Floor

Photos of a school in pokot North have been going viral on social media. The school is called Too Sikirio secondary school. The most shocking thing about the photos is the environment in which those students are sleeping. According to Gk Malema, it is alleged that those students sleep on the floor of their dormitory which is just a big hall. To add on the hall is not in a good condition and there are even no windows, the iron sheets have holes. The hall just looks untidy. Below are the photos of the dormitory (courtesy of Gk Malema Facebook page).

It is very sad to see young souls suffering like this in the name of acquiring education, yet the area member of Parliament is rolling in expensive car and sleeping in a mansion. We need change, if you read this article please share it so that it can reach many people, and the children can be helped.

Content created and supplied by: Brianwanga269 (via Opera News )

Gk Malema Pokot North Too Sikirio


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