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TSC Finally Does Proud Teachers Who Applied For Deployment To Secondary Schools

For along period of time,the teachers have stayed in the cold without knowing when they would get promotions after TSC stopping the automatic promotions in 2014.Since then, thousands of teachers have been waiting for the promotions that have become very much lucrative in the lives of many teachers.

Today,TSC is promoting the teachers in some good numbers.However,the promotions are majorly pegged on the administrative positions.This has left the classroom teachers in the cold.There are thousands of teachers who have done degrees but are not yet promoted.Luckily,TSC began deploying the teachers who have degrees in secondary education with at least C+ overall mean grade.

Since 2019,these teachers have enjoyed this unique promotion.The much expected form one transition is set to bite with the shortage of teachers.This has seen TSC deploy teachers from primary schools to secondary schools.

It is indeed celebrations for teachers who applied for deployment two months ago.TSC had indicated in its roadmap that these teachers would be in their new stations on 1st September but this was not attainable.Finally,letters are streaming for the lucky teachers in different counties.Hopefully,those who will not be lucky now will be lucky next time.As usual,teachers are getting their letters simultaneously per county.

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