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From Class Four School Dropout To Media Billionaire

Even though life consist of ups and downs we always work to achieve what we want in life. Meet Andrew Ngirici who is a husband to the , Women Representative Kirinyanga county, Purity Ngirici. A source close to the politician asserted to that Andrew drop out of school in class 4 due to lack of school fees. He only had a single parent her (mother) after his Father died. His first possession was a Cart whom he inherited from his parents after dropping out of school. He used to supply crates of beer in Kirinyanga. Nobody knows where luck came from, until he met the late spy, Chief James kaunyoti, who hired his services. Where he was now supplying the crates of beer to him. This was just a few years before his mother succumbed in a road accident, living him a total orphan,

The relationship between Kanyouti and Andrew grew rapidly. It was a luck , When the former spy landed a job in Mzee Jombo Kenyatta's government. Who was later serving under the Daniel Arap Moi. The late NIS boss picked Andrew as his right hand man.

Andrew ventured Into the transport business, investing in Matatus and busses from his small monthly saves . He later borrowed a leaf from Kanyouti who had ventured in a real estate, property, security, hospitality and and large scale farming, besides interests in insurance, manufacturing and health sectors. Source -

It reached a time when Kanyouti was admitted, Andrew stood with him until his last breath. And the trust that existed between the former spy and Andrew was good. This made Andrew to benefit a lot from him. His media house, Mt Kenya TV, is asserting itself in the industry, offering competition to well established houses. In September 2018, it poached presenters, producers and editors from Royal Media Services and Mediamax.

Andrew became successful man despite his Class 4 school drop out. Through being good and trustworthy he made it to a Billionaire, and now is called upon the richest people in Kenya. He now owns big business in Kirinyanga town. This story urge us that despite what, through thick and thin we should always strive to reach our destiny and get what we want in life. Hardwork pays and Never goes unrewarded.

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