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Important Lessons not Taught in School which Determine Your Success

Competence Base Curriculum has mostly been associated with goodies that will transform the Kenyan labor force. The Curriculum is learner-centered and aims at enhancing skills possessed by the kids. Though the previous curriculums and CBC aim at producing an independent and successful individual, the following skills will never be taught;

Better Grades Do not Mean More Money

It's fantastic to have a well-paying position, a major house, and a reflexive vehicle in your car park. We know this since this is the thing that schools drum into our heads from the very beginning. It's a basic condition: Working hard at school = Better grades = Better possibilities = More money. There are different details engaged with cash making. For instance, In Kenya, the Unemployment level is overwhelming making it challenging for graduates to make money.

Your Network Determines your Success

Networking is an important aspect of life that determines who you interact with. The network will influence your money-making skills. For instance, if you don't associate with business-minded individuals, it be difficult for your to grow business-wise. Job seekers are also encouraged to associate with positive individuals who may offer leads to job opportunities. Generally, your network will determine your success.

Positive Impact of Self Assessment

Taking a hard glance at yourself and recognizing what you're great at, just as what you are not very great at, is likely one of the most difficult parts of life. Scarcely any individual can genuinely do it. It takes practice and having the option to grapple with what you need to develop can make you a vastly improved individual in all parts of your life.

Life will never be fair

Everyday life is difficult. In the event that you anticipate that it should be, you will be frustrated. Once in a while things will turn out well for you, and on different events they will not. It's sufficient to make you need to paw your hair out, however by figuring out how to adapt to brutal real factors, you'll have the option to live cheerfully without surrendering to the aches of pressure that life can so remorselessly force upon you.

Tomorrow is very Unpredictable

Maybe it's somewhat difficult to show this, however, it's a standard that everybody should live by to be a fruitful individual. The world is a totally unusual spot. It's a terrifying idea, and yet it's likewise sort of awesome, in case you're ready for it. Placing yourself in the attitude that without question, anything may be lying around the bend in stand by can effectively work on your character and assist you with managing life when times get somewhat intense.

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