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"CBC Itatumaliza" Teacher Allegedly Asks Pupils To Organize Crusades At Market Places And Preach

The new curriculum for primary school children is very tiresome and some parents and guardian have also started complaining of the same due to its heavy and many requirements.

Today the competency based Curriculum (CBC) has done a parent to post it on Facebook saying he is now tired with the curriculum after they were asked to help the kids organize for a crusade at market places.

According to the diary of the child that was written by the teacher and shared online on Facebook by the user by the name Jaluo Piwa Oriji, the pupils have been asked to organize for a crusade in the market near their homes, where they will Preach and conduct prayers. They they have been asked to take photographs of the event which they will use as a representation in class.

"With help of your parents or guardian. Organize a crusade at your nearest market where you will Preach and conduct prayers. Take photographs of the event. Write a report and present in class," the diary read.

"Crusade, kwa market then preach. This CBC will finish us," Jaluo Piwa Oriji captioned the photos.

Share with us some activities you have been told to conduct with your children and let Kenyans know more about the curriculum.

The curriculum was proposed by the Kenyan education with cabinet secretary Magoha insisting that it will really help children in academics and co-curriculum

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CBC Itatumaliza Crusades Curriculum


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