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How to stop examination cheating

Are you a student waiting to do kcse exam this year? Are you wondering how to pass well without being caught in exam irregularities.

Whether you hate or love , it's usually difficult to avoid sitting for exams. All the preparation before exam date, racing against the clock while sitting on that wooden desk, as well as aftermath that may feel as stressful as kcse exam itself. All secondary school students can relate the fact that there's more to life than just books. Fortunately, you can make the pain of study easier and subsequently pass your exams if you implement a few things.

Plan your revision

Consult your teachers

Beat the teachers


Answer all questions

Go extra miles

Review previous years marking scheme

Allocate more time on weak subjects

Group discussion

Know how to answer questions

Have a big picture in mind

Plan your revision

One important top on how to pass KCSE exams involves planning. Teachers always advice that it's easier to spend a little time revising daily than taking long periods trying to cram all the information in your books a few days before exams. However, students find different strategies on how to pass.

Consult teachers

As far as academic is concerned, teachers have one critical role ; to help you achieve success in your exams so that you can go to the next stage. Therefore, take initiative to ask for help whenever you need it, and you will not regret this advice.


No one will advise you on how to pass chemistry or mathematics without mentioning practice. Practice on how to handle exams questions under pressure.

Answer all questions

One critical tip on passing subject like English is by answering all questions. Ensure that you answer all questions as it's the only way of getting a score .

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