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Kenyan Words Added in the Dictionary: Luhyas Have a Reason to Celebrate

To begin with, the first Oxford advanced dictionary was originally published in 1948. Since then,so many words have been added. Over 2000 words have been included and the dictionary is continuing to expand.

Kamusi ya Kiswahili sanifu which was published by Oxford too has also expanded its vocabulary. Up to date,over 1000 words are added. Everyone can now get the information they need easily. According to John Mwazembam who is the regional director in East Africa,the words are compatible with the new curriculum in Kenya.

Most of the words are from the luhya community and a few from other groups.

Isikuti-it is a famous baluhya word. The Oxford dictionary explains it as a quick dance with a lot of movement, accompanied by singing and the sound of drums.

Kayamba-this luhya vocabulary has been described as a flat musical instrument that you shake to make a noise. Indeed Luhyas have a reason to smile as two of their words are now officially in the dictionary.

Nonetheless,this are not the only words found in the in the Oxford advanced learner's dictionary. Below are some words.

Maasai-it refers to an ethnic group living in Tanzania and Kenya. The word has been made official and you can freely use it as an English name.

Zeze- it's Swahili but can be used in an English sentence. It's described as a musical instrument with one or two strings.

Majimbo- it means a system of government in a country with several states,each of which has some power.

Nyama choma was recently added. Those who love this dish can enjoy the delicacy with a smile. Just a few days ago,the it will be described as a meat cooked over a fire.

It is fun to see some local words being recognised by Oxford and may the language continue to grow.

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