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Is CBC efficient?

As an old school pupil, one cannot deny that the previous curriculums have been stressful and very painful to people's self-esteems. Almost everyone's parent would tell their kids that they became first position in class and it became strange when kids would share those stories together and wonder what parent would be the bottom of the class. Children would always want to be top of the class just as they heard it from their parents even though not all were able to. It greatly affected the self-esteem of certain individuals , some of who were very good in sports because they were talented differently; however the 8-4-4 curriculum only tested your memory. It literally forced everyone to say they want to be doctors, engineers or pilots in order to look ambitious and intelligent whereas they needed to do what they are good at or passionate about.

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With the CBC there is a lot of practicality and it does not force the unnecessary theories.

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On the other hand, CBC curriculum is very inclusive, it does not matter if a child does not understand a particular subject as long as they show perfection in another . Moreover, there is no ranking to embarrass academically weak children whereas bright children also do not get to show themselves off to their peers. Parents also do not get the chance to realize the exact capabilities of their children or all their weak points unless they check their assignments; big reason why they are very skeptical of the benefits of the CBC because they barely have time to scrutinize their children's work. They are either very much occupied from work or preparing dinner that they fail to know more about their kids.

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Nevertheless, one cannot disqualify the fact that CBC makes the kids discover their talents at a very tender age, something the previous curriculum would have never done. In CBC curriculum kids speak up and do not read from their heart, therefore CBC should be very acceptable and embraced for the efficiency it has for the learners even as it progresses into high school level. Unfortunately, in many high schools for many years, 8-4-4 has resulted into fires and strikes in schools which we need to change in future with hopes on CBC curriculum.

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