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Ministry of Education Issues 13 Guidelines On Kenyan Students Who Want To Study Abroad

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The Ministry of Education has come up with 13 guidelines for Kenyan students wishing to study abroad in order to ensure their safety in the foreign countries.

The Ministry issued a statement which had the guidelines as listed down below.

1. The student is expected to obtain a letter from the school which he/she wants to attend.

2. The school should provide the full list of the students with their full names, passport certificates and birth certificates if they are facilitating the travel.

3. Parents must give consent which is going to be proved by the Ministry through their identity cards and also a letter from the school.

4. The students must be cleared by the Director of Children Services.

5. Students must submit a letter of invitation from the school.

The other guidelines were put in place for cross border facilitation. See them below:

6. Teachers must provide medical insurance cover for the students flying out of the country.

7. School heads also have to account for how the students will recover the time they lost during the travel.

8. Students will not be allowed to travel for more than two weeks if schools are in session.

9. If both boys and girls are traveling, there must be adults of both genders accompanying them.

10. Proof of sponsorship must be presented.

11. A court order in respect of guardianship must be issued.

12. Teachers from private schools must submit list of passports, ID cards and introduction letters from the school.

13. The documents should be filed in an orderly manner and a clear folder.

The guidelines are set to ensure that students can be easily tracked and their progress also monitored. What are your views on this? Comment down below.

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