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The Reasons Why CBC May Fail In Kenya (Photos)

CBC (Competency Based Curriculum) is a new curriculum in Kenya that was introduced in the year 2018. It was introduced because the old curriculum i.e 8-4-4 system failed to produce manpower specialized in different sectors to liberate the economy of the country.

However, this new curriculum may still fail in Kenya because it was received by members of the public with a lot of criticism due to the following reasons.

CBC is requires huge chunks of national budget compared to the 8-4-4 system. The fact remains that CBC is more concerned with pragmatic skills than cognitive skills and it demands a lot of materials for the practical activity. This makes parents, guardians and the government extravagant in spending on what is not necessary instead of paying for fees.

CBC is high labour demanding. It's more laborious as it require a lot of effort both from the teachers, parents, learner's and other stakeholders in conducting practical activities.

Most of the schools in Kenya do not have adequate resources like classrooms, playing grounds and teachers to make the implementation of CBC effective.

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CBC Competency Based Curriculum Kenya


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