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Best Courses Specifically Oriented For Self Employment

Kenyan government has been on the frontline to persuade students in campus to pursue courses that provide self employment opportunities,rather than relying on the nation to provide jobs. This is due to the increased population , compared to the available vacancies. Also aims at minimizing poverty, theft cases , idleness among youths and helping them earn more income enough to cater for needs. 

The ministry of education has taken this as it's responsibility to make sure that the university syllabus consists of such courses inorder to train the learners on the required information to start and run projects. 

These include;

1. Commerce

It's basically business oriented, giving excellent skills concerning layouts, capacity management, human resource departments, planning, staffing and controlling daily activities in the organization.

Entails various specializations such as accounting, finance, marketing, insurance and procurement. Therefore, one can establish a financial firm to offer services such as auditing and preparing statements for the transactions and events that take place as well as being an investment advisor to companies. 

2. Law 

Concerned with the issues highlighted in the constitution, to solve disputes arising from violation of human rights, family, commercial and politics. Takes around four years of study in campus, then two more in Kenya School of Law.

Does not guarantee direct government job, thus graduates secure themselves enough capital to open certified firms, where clients who have cases in courts come to request for defense during hearings and trials. An agreed amount of money is charged according to the weight of the issue. 

3. Fashion and design

Deals with coming up with the trending fashions , such as suits , couple dresses, curtains, table covers, carpets, gowns and planning occasion venues. Falls under the textile and beauty industries. Having a hobby in such a field is an added advantage, since you'll always do it at your own free time without even getting fatigue.

During functions like funerals, weddings, birthdays or conferences, your company can get hired to decorate , design and arrange everything at the set reception area and still make nice uniforms for those attending such as tshirts. 

Hence this provides a source of successful career life, by being your own boss. 

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