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8 Strange School Rules Only Found In North Korea (Photos)

The laws that govern the rest of the developed world don't always apply in North Korea. Many of us are now really concerned because of them.

North Korea's new leader, Kim Jong-un, is being worshiped like a god just like his grandpa and father before him. Their public school system is just as off-kilter as their laws, which are just bonkers. When examined closely, though, several of these statutes do seem to make some logic.

There is a strict educational system in North Korea, and the regulations there are completely illogical. Most of the restraints aren't conducive to people's needs and wants. Only in North Korean universities are students subjected to such odd restrictions.

One, the Supreme Leader

The North Korean government mandates that all school-aged children spend 171 hours every year learning about the grandeur of Kim Jung-Il. It's easy to see how he went from a nine-year-old to a talented racer after reading about his life.

2. A shaved head

North Korean adolescents must adhere to some peculiar regulations while attending high school. Men were reportedly mandated to have haircuts in 2014 that mirrored Kim Jung's. The girl only has the choice to choose a style from the 15 that have been approved.

3 Disclose everything

Every single person in North Korea is obligated by law to report on other pupils and professors who show signs of disloyalty to the state.

4. Compulsory labor North Korean students must be taken out of class at least twice a month for a minimum of a month to be forced to perform forced labor. Even the youngest pupils, those in kindergarten, are expected to contribute to extracurricular activities.

Show deference 5.

Classrooms in North Korea have wall murals of the country's leaders, including Kim Jung-father un's and grandfather.

The students will keep a portrait of the heroes in their classroom and pay them daily homage by looking at it. The names of the current and previous leaders are displayed in bold to emphasize their importance.

6. Restricted Online Access

People in North Korea who are allowed online have access to only 28 pre-approved sites. There is limited Internet access at even the newest universities.

You are trapped; you must stay here for No. 7.

In most universities, students are not allowed to leave class without an adult's permission, but in North Korea, that rule is always in effect.

8 - Become a Fighter

Students in North Korea's schools are preparing for the future by gaining academic and technical skills, but it appears that military service is mandatory, and students are also expected to hone their combat prowess.

Would you comply if South Africa imposed these regulations? What you think matters to us.

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