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Challenges facing CBC that the government of Kenya has not revealed

1. Lack of parental support

 Basically the majority of the parents of learners who are currently undergoing the competence based education were products of the outcome based education (844 curriculum) therefore they have very little knowledge of the new curriculum apart from the who are in the education sector and have undergone training as part of their jobs. This therefore makes it very difficult for parents to understand what is going on in the curriculum and not able to assist their children with homework and other home supervision required of them.

2.Curriculum structure

 The curriculum structure has been designed in such a way that most of the activities happens almost at the same time and therefore if a student was to be absent from school for any reason it would be very difficult for the student to catch up with the others who were in school during his/her absence.

3.Lack of information, communication and technology (ICT) skills among the majorityof teachers

Most of the teachers are not able to integrate information, communication and technology (ICT) in the learning and teaching within the competency based curriculum.

When technology is used as a partner then it assists the learners and teachersto develop access to new ideas and tasks and it also assists them to find a new way ofhandling the previous known tasks and to explore further perspectives of knowledge(Goos,2010). Therefore, if teachers still do not have these ICT skills then it is not easy for them toimplement the curriculum during this technological advancement era.

4. Inadequate learning and teaching materials and inadequate quality textbooks.

It's not easy to get particular books for a certain class and this has worked negatively on the implementation of this curriculum as it frustrates both parents and teachers who need these books for their children and learners respectively.

This kind of situation has also been witnessed in the availability of the other learning and teaching resources which was lacking in quite a number of schools.

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