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20-Year-Old Girl Narrates How Her Teacher Infected Her With HIV Making Her Parents To Reject Her

There are some life stories from our fellow Kenyan brothers and sisters which can force you into tears. A story about a 20-year-old girl has left Kenyans sympathizing with her concerning how her teacher completely ruined her life making her to live in regrets to this day.

She has just told her story through Tuko and because she does not want to be recognized due to the stigma that comes with it, she has covered her face with a leso and decided to used a random name "Carol" to conceal her real identity.

Carol has said that her male teacher came to the classroom and got out a knife ordering her to do as he directed or else he confirms to her that this world is not her home. The teacher forcefully had the act with her and later Carol realized that he had infected her with HIV and Aids.

Carol who is a fourth born in a family of 5 was rejected by her parent after learning that she was positive, she was told to move out of their home to die in a distant place.

Carol who was then in class 8 was forced not to join secondary school until when their pastor held a fundraiser to help her join school. Carol has been moving from one place to another because people keep on sending her away when they learn that she is positive.

The troubled girl is now appealing for help to get justice and closure.

Thank you.

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