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How Increase in Cooking Gas Prices Has Affected the University Students

As we all know that life in campus as a comrade it's not an easy task more so to students who are coming from families who are living from hand to mouth that is families that has nothing to save or invest since the income can only bring food on the table.This students fully depends on their parents, guardians or HELB loans to help them cater for their basic needs that's food, shelter and clothing as they carry out their studies.

Most comrades that is 80% of their students are not in a position to afford the meals provided in the school cafeteria since they are expensive and they tend to cook for them selves using stoves or cooking gas but the fact is that higher percentage of comrades use cooking gas .

The initial price of refilling the cooking gas before changes was cheap since 6KG gas ranges from ksh 800 to ksh 950 but after the directive from the government implemented after the release of the budget ,the price of cooking gas was imposed 16%VAT which lead to the increase in the refilling the gas for example refilling 6KG gas ranges from ksh 1250 to ksh 1300 which most of the comrades can't afford.

This has caused night mares among universities students since in one semester they minimum times they refill the cooking gas is twice for instance those using that gas weighing 6KG will spend roughly ksh 2600 that's much since other expenditures like flour is excluded.

This has lead to depression since most tend to starve since they cannot afford to budget for their meals at the same time allocate some fund for refill thus hindering them from focusing and engage themselves in unlawful activities like stealing,drug smuggling,robbery while girls engage themselves in immorality that is prostitution.

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