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Reasons Schools Are Being Torched

With it the prior months, an estimated 35 schools have been torched by alleged students who some of them have been arrested and arraigned in court to answer for arson charges. There have been numerous blaming games over the whole scenarios where teachers point out fingers on parents for not taking action on their children's demeanor while parents indict the government for pulling out canning in schools resulting in indiscipline cases.

Merely hours ago on November 24, 2021, numerous sources stated that Moi Forces, Lanet Girls high school had been torched a day after students resumed back to school from mid-term break raising questions of what exactly is going on in our schools.

In addition, Education CS, George Magoha lay strict warnings on students found culpable of arson asserting that they will face the full force of the law and that no other schools either public or private would admit them. He also put in that parents and students will reimburse the damages caused and that the Kenyan government wasn't funding any damages caused.

Some of the main reasons why schools are being torched are because of the pressure-induced on the students. Ever since students resumed studies after a long break due to the covid 19 pandemic, the education system, and the teachers have been working hard trying to cover up for the time relinquished which in turn affects the students who try to cope up with the rapid pace of how things are unraveling. The learners are supposed to cover the syllabus within the shortest time possible meaning fewer holiday breaks and mid-term breaks.

Another reason is that most learners stress out on the examinations especially the mock exams since most of these major examinations take place on the second term and third term and most of them feel they aren't well set to seat for the exams.

With all these drastic measures, students have been demanding extended holiday breaks while others take a completely different move of torching school structures with the hope of attaining longer holiday breaks but honestly, this isn't the way forward.

The Ministry of Education, school heads, and parents should formulate seminars where they will conduct an open discussion with the students, hear them out, and figure out a way to resolve the indifferences and come out with a better solution rather than blaming each other party over the ongoing nightmare. It is better to deal with it whilst still young rather than when it will be overwhelming to deal with it.

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