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How Everything Changed Since Our Childhood

“Change is inevitable. If you don’t change, change will change you,” says the young girl in an extra short miniskirt; but do we care? We all know that the phrase is right. A lot has changed since we were born.

   I remember the times after school when I was just a little boy. The times when I called my mates for a game of hide and seek or football. Just opposite us, the little girls played with sand; making mud “cakes”. Such were the times when we were forced to get into the house because it was dark. A lot has changed since then. Children no longer play outdoor games as we did. With the coming of PC games and Play Station, the “digital generation” only goes out on special occasions or when going to school.

   There was a time when some words were just literal. A time when “screw” meant a helical inclined plane. Such were the times when boys could play with girls all they want and nothing felt awkward. As time went by, everything changed. We were not to be seen with girls lest others come to a wrong conclusion. Everything changed and nobody even cared.

   I can recall the moments in primary school; a time when mother used to give me ten shillings and they were more than enough. I could buy sweets, ice and crisps from it. A thousand shillings were rare in those days. They demanded respect for whoever held them. I cannot even list all the things a thousand shillings could buy. All I know is that nowadays a thousand Kenyan shilling note can buy a small Bluetooth earpiece. The note has also lost its meaning nowadays.

   Birthdays were what they were meant to be during those days. One could invite their friends and blow the candles then cut the cake with the help of a best friend. The best part of a birthday was the cake. The recent birthdays are nothing like what we used to have. The cake is still there but it is no longer the best part of a birthday. Nowadays, people attend birthdays for alcohol and immoral dances. The coming of twerking changed birthdays for everyone. Friends no longer ask if there will be cake at a birthday but they ask if ladies will be there. All these thanks to change.

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