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Nakuru West Secondary School and Its Environs at Risk of Diseases

Nakuru West secondary school and its surrounding are living in fear of being infected with cholera and other diseases due to an unhygienic environment. The sewer is flowing through open unattended drainage spilling off.

The Nakuru county government has thrown to the wind the regular clearing of drainage beside the Nakuru west secondary and across the famous informal settlement Kaptembwa. The country government only collects garbage from estates not minding the hygiene of the drainages. Since the garbage collection is paid those who cannot pay, dump their garbage along the roads causing the mess.

A business lady operating near the school says her clients are complaining of the bad stench from the drainage. She says that the pigs have found a new sty in the surrounding making the place unbearable. She said the area was clean during the Kazi Mtaani hygiene program and after the exit, the county government forgot their mandate.

"Customers are always complaining of bad smell, it's unbearable and most seek services elsewhere, the pigs move through the drainage and it's unbearable. We hope the county government rescues us," said Esther a salonist.

Since April 2020, the locals were living healthy after the national government launched the KAZI MTAANI, the drainages and all-around informal settlements were clean. The youth used to clean the streets regularly and business was booming. Roadside vendors have nowhere to sell their goods because of the dirt.

"I used to sell vegetables on the roadside after my day's work but as you can see, it's no longer possible, the garbage heaps and the drainages are smelling so bad. No one can buy foodstuff from such environ," Mama Moraa said.

Launched in April 2020, the Kazi main program received a lot of backlash from Kenyans, it was termed untidy and bound to fail. President Uhuru Kenyatta through the Transport, Housing, Infrastructure, and Urban Development ministry bumped billions of money into the project to clean up informal settlements.

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