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Top 10 Diploma Courses That Are Way Much Better Than Degree Courses

The pursuit of a bachelor's degree is a goal for many people following high school. However, not everyone succeeds in meeting the benchmarks. Some programmes leading to a diploma are just as good, if not better than those leading to a bachelor's or master's degree. The best diploma 10 courses, in my opinion, are those on this list.

IT Degree Completion Certificate

Many colleges and institutions offer this course, as it is among the most marketable ones around. There is a wide variety of things to see and do in the area. There are two possible career paths: working for yourself and working for someone else.

Graduate Certificate in Managing Human Resources

I think you should seriously consider enrolling in this programme since it is one of the most desirable and rewarding diploma programmes in Kenya.

To earn a diploma in human resource management typically takes two years of full-time study.

Certificate of Nursing Practice

If you want a career in medicine, this is the best option for you. A number of new hospitals and clinics have opened around the country, making it difficult to avoid a position in nursing.

Though it is mostly taught in the Kenya Medical Training Colleges, you may also get courses on it at other educational institutions.

Knowledgeable in researching, planning, and carrying out projects thanks to a diploma in project management and evaluation. More and more initiatives need the expertise of project managers. They are available for hire by nonprofits, businesses, and governments. The starting compensation for this post is 50,000 dollars, which is rather generous.

Real Estate Management Degree

It's a somewhat cutting-edge training programme. Since the real estate industry has become increasingly popular in recent years, this product has a lot of potential buyers. Following this path is ideal if a career in real estate is something you're interested in pursuing. You have the choice of working for a real estate firm or on your own.

Certified Procurement and Supply Chain Manager

The field of procurement and supply chain management is rapidly expanding, making for a competitive job market. If you can get your hands on it at a reasonable price, it may be quite lucrative.

Pharmacy Technician Degree Holder

Because no medical company can go bankrupt, medical courses are always in demand.

Acquiring a degree in pharmaceutical technology is usually a safe bet.

Marketing and Sales Degree Graduate

Without a strong marketing and sales department, no company would last very long. In today's highly competitive market, they are essential to a company's success. Due to the abundance of businesses, you will rarely be without a chance to work.

Quantity Surveying Degree Completion

As the number of people who are interested in buying land, constructing homes, and subdividing properties increases, this course becomes increasingly valuable.

These days, a lot of people are purchasing properties for either long-term investment purposes or for their own usage.

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