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"CBC Itatuonyesha Mambo": Mwalimu Andrew Excites Netizens After Sharing This Teachers' Photo

The government rolled out new education program in the country where instead of testing of bare memorization of concepts, Students can now be taught on how to to apply the knowledge. Skills is what is majorly focused on in the newly piloted mode of learning (Competency Based Curriculum - CBC).

In this case, a teacher was seen in class most probably teaching science or lifestyle. The teacher was demonstrating to the learners how to use sanitary towels and protect themselves from the shame of staining themselves during that period of the month.

According to Teacher Andrew, this was a product of CBC and he was so proud of his bold approach.

The post also got the attention of many netizens from Facebook.

Prince said, "Very encouraging, boy child should also be involved in this for better awareness and knowledge."

Jemmy said, "This is awesome! It's time we stopped stigmatizing periods. There's nothing wrong with a male person doing this. There's no shame in menstruation. Teach the girls!"

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