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Monday Setback For TSC As a Union Gives A New Ultimatum on TPD Modules

The teachers are up in arms following last week's roll out of the TPD Modules that is set to begin this holiday.The teachers were caught unaware by the rapid roll out even before they get psychologically prepared.Unfortunately,they will be parting with some good amounts of money every year as they receive the trainings in various institutions.TSC has already contracted KEMI,Mount Kenya University,Kenyatta University and Riara University to train the teachers.

Since the roll out,the teachers have sought the intervention of some MPs and lawyers through their social media platforms.This has seen the LSK chairman Nelson Havi soften his stand yesterday and agree to fight for the oppressed teachers.Other teachers have even requested him to have a paybill number for contributions.

The teachers unions have not been left out.Various Kuppet branches have already indicated that the teachers have objected the trainings especially the fees from their pockets.This has now seen the Kuppet Chairman Mt Omboko Milemba say that teachers will not participate in the training in case they will pay fees from their pockets.This is a new setback for TSC in the trainings.Will TSC now pay fees for all the 340,000 teachers?

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