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Not Again, Forget About Ofafa Jericho, Another Giant School Burns Again As Students Watch Helplessly

The cases of school indiscipline are on the rise once more.The students at times have decided to take the law into their hands.Others have decided to punish their teachers whom they feel are against them in any way.Through this,teachers have been beaten or punished separately.

The cases of torching the schools are now beyond the control of the teachers in schools.There have been calls to abolish boarding schools so as to reduce this act by the rogue students.Students from Ofafa Jericho nearly died in a fire inferno last night.Some 50 students were rushed in different hospitals having obtained some Burns from the fire.Some were rushed to Metropolitan hospital while others were taken to MP Shah hospital.Fortunately,they survived.Parents thronged the school to ascertain the condition of their children.

While this was going on,another giant school also went into flames at the same time as students watched heplessly at their dorm and properties go into flames.Busia county's giant Sigalame boys high school's dorm got burnt again after the recent one that occurred.It is still not clear what caused the fire.At Sigalame,no casualty has been reported.The teachers should be much careful in schools to avoid these rogue behaviors by students.

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